Join The First Crowdfunded Indy 500 Team


  • June 2017 - Inception of Connect.Racing’s Crowdfunded Team; Connect.Racing was accepted to the Founder Institute to accelerate the launch.
  • September 2017 - Connect.Racing incorporated as a Delaware corporation
  • October 2018 - Connect.Racing graduated from Founder Institute. Of 75 companies that applied, only 8 graduated.
  • December 2018 - Advisory Board assembled (Link) Connect.Racing’s website and Newsfeed are live.
In Process
  • Sign with a Partner Team, an existing IndyCar team from whom Connect.Racing will buy the ride for the Indianapolis 500.
  • Sign with Dollar Match Partner who will contribute $1 to the crowdfund for every dollar raised by the crowd.
  • Sign with Merchandise Partner to underwrite contributor perks (t-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Contact IndyCar news outlets to write stories about the Crowdfunded Team.
  • Launch the Connect.Racing Crowdfunding Portal to accept contributions.
Timeline Considerations
  • Connect.Racing’s leadership team is sprinting to have everything in place for a 2020 Indianapolis 500.
  • We will not open the Crowdfund until we have signed with a Partner Team and Dollar Match Partner--we are committed to having all our ducks in a row before fans contribute their money.
  • The November before an Indy 500 is when assets and people begin being acquired for the race. If any one of the major milestones is lacking or the crowdfund has not garnered significant traction by November 2019, we will push back our crowdfund until 2021.


  • Wednesday, January 30th 2019: Connect.Racing was featured for a story on A special thanks to Tanner Watkins for writing the article! Check it out here: {insert the link}
  • Monday, December 17th 2018: We are pleased announce that Ben Parker has been brought on to the Connect.Racing Leadership Team as our CTO. Ben has been working with Connect.Racing for several months, but now we’ve formalized the relationship and he’s here to stay. Welcome to the team, Ben!
  • Wednesday, December 12th 2018: The Connect.Racing Newsfeed is live! The Newsfeed syndicates IndyCar news and content from all over the internet and makes it available in one convenient place. The Newsfeed will always be free--all you need is an email address to create your account.
  • Thursday, October 11th 2018: Connect.Racing has officially graduated from the Founder Institute--the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator program. Of 75 companies that applied, 16 were accepted, and only 8 graduated. We have begun working on the first version of our Newsfeed and hope to launch it before the year is out.
  • Friday, August 24th 2018: Connect.Racing has officially incorporated in the State of Delaware! We are about two thirds of the way through the Founder Institute accelerator program. This is a big step towards our dream of a crowdfunded entry into the Indianapolis 500.

Other Info


It’s clear that fans are the most important part of motorsports. Without them tracks don’t sell tickets, networks don’t sell ads and the whole endeavor gets red-flagged. Connect.Racing’s crowdfund take that idea seriously. Fans are not passive consumers of racing content. They are the lifeblood of the sport and the reason drivers take to the track. We want fans to be issued the challenge to become true enterprise partners to IndyCar. By financing a Month of May entry, fans themselves will become the evangelists of this great sport and make a worthwhile and lasting contribution to its future growth and success.

But we want to hear from you! What sort of rewards do YOU want for contributing?